الأربعاء، 30 ديسمبر 2009


This post is so old! Everytime I wanted to publish it I suddenly become lazy. -.- My classmates and I went to Doha International Airport on April 17 2009. This is when we were still in 'Technical class'.
The college gave us 'permission slips' to give to our guardians to sign them so that they know where we were going. I felt like we were still at school. It was unnecessary and stupid. We're not children. We could have simply told our parents and that's it. It was important especially for the 'girls'. *rolls eyes*
Miss Dani & Genene came with the female students in a small bus to transport us from college to the airport. The guys went in their own cars. Of course I brought my weapon! woah hold on. Not a weapon that kills. My camera!!! Even though cameras are not allowed at the airport (nonsense, I've seen tons of passengers with their cameras taking photos in different areas in the airport and no one told them anything) I went with another student who also brought her own to enter the security officer's office to inform them that we're students on a trip an we want to take photos. When we entered the office it reeked of the smell of cigarettes and I absolutely hate it. My head started aching and I couldn't breathe properly. The office was really small and there were like 4 people inside. How can they even handle all that smoke inside the room? Oh and there's more.
The security officer boss or whatever they call them was the one smoking and even after we entered he still continued his smoking. He was sitting on his chair like he was out with his buddies: He was leaning backwards and well I don't even want to mention how his legs were positioned. I wanted to address myself and my classmate but instead he was asking some other security staff about who we were and what we wanted. We're right in front of you idiot so you might as well ask us. Poor thing, I don't blame him for being like that. The place doesn't look all that err swell.
After what I considered was just babble, my classmate and I left the office to meet with the others at the departure area. I happily took photos even though the staff who escorted us told me to not to. My classmate also wanted to remind me what the security officer said but I didn't care. We took a tour inside the airport. After that, we went to ramp by a shuttle bus (I think thats what it's called) then another staff member continued showing us aroud. He was a very nice person. His name is Jaber Al-Marri. He remembered me when I was working as a trainee (OJT on the job training) at the airport for a whole month. He let me take photos XD.
We went to the civil defense building. One of the students was a fire fighter and he was happy to see some of his colleagues. We also went to um the weather watch buliding? and the building where meterologists work. We didn't have time to go to the hangar so we just went inside an aircraft (I think it was an Airbus 320 I don't remember). We ate some food and continued the 'tour'.
We entered the arrival area and I think some students bought some things from the Qatar Duty Free. I don't remember but I think I also went to smell some perfumes XD. When we were ready to leave, a student pointed somewhere and told me "Look Salma! There's a little girl over there. Go take a photo of her. Don't you say that you like Asans?" My reaction was AHHH! WHERE? WHERE?! XD I saw her with her father and I think I ran to them. Who knows XD I asked her father if I could take some photos of her. I said that she's so cute and he thanked me. He asked me for my e-mail and I wrote it down for him. They just got bakc from Spain and the little girl's name is Rachel
I think we had a good time at the airport. I got to know more about Meteorology and about the Civil Defense.