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This post is so old! Everytime I wanted to publish it I suddenly become lazy. -.- My classmates and I went to Doha International Airport on April 17 2009. This is when we were still in 'Technical class'.
The college gave us 'permission slips' to give to our guardians to sign them so that they know where we were going. I felt like we were still at school. It was unnecessary and stupid. We're not children. We could have simply told our parents and that's it. It was important especially for the 'girls'. *rolls eyes*
Miss Dani & Genene came with the female students in a small bus to transport us from college to the airport. The guys went in their own cars. Of course I brought my weapon! woah hold on. Not a weapon that kills. My camera!!! Even though cameras are not allowed at the airport (nonsense, I've seen tons of passengers with their cameras taking photos in different areas in the airport and no one told them anything) I went with another student who also brought her own to enter the security officer's office to inform them that we're students on a trip an we want to take photos. When we entered the office it reeked of the smell of cigarettes and I absolutely hate it. My head started aching and I couldn't breathe properly. The office was really small and there were like 4 people inside. How can they even handle all that smoke inside the room? Oh and there's more.
The security officer boss or whatever they call them was the one smoking and even after we entered he still continued his smoking. He was sitting on his chair like he was out with his buddies: He was leaning backwards and well I don't even want to mention how his legs were positioned. I wanted to address myself and my classmate but instead he was asking some other security staff about who we were and what we wanted. We're right in front of you idiot so you might as well ask us. Poor thing, I don't blame him for being like that. The place doesn't look all that err swell.
After what I considered was just babble, my classmate and I left the office to meet with the others at the departure area. I happily took photos even though the staff who escorted us told me to not to. My classmate also wanted to remind me what the security officer said but I didn't care. We took a tour inside the airport. After that, we went to ramp by a shuttle bus (I think thats what it's called) then another staff member continued showing us aroud. He was a very nice person. His name is Jaber Al-Marri. He remembered me when I was working as a trainee (OJT on the job training) at the airport for a whole month. He let me take photos XD.
We went to the civil defense building. One of the students was a fire fighter and he was happy to see some of his colleagues. We also went to um the weather watch buliding? and the building where meterologists work. We didn't have time to go to the hangar so we just went inside an aircraft (I think it was an Airbus 320 I don't remember). We ate some food and continued the 'tour'.
We entered the arrival area and I think some students bought some things from the Qatar Duty Free. I don't remember but I think I also went to smell some perfumes XD. When we were ready to leave, a student pointed somewhere and told me "Look Salma! There's a little girl over there. Go take a photo of her. Don't you say that you like Asans?" My reaction was AHHH! WHERE? WHERE?! XD I saw her with her father and I think I ran to them. Who knows XD I asked her father if I could take some photos of her. I said that she's so cute and he thanked me. He asked me for my e-mail and I wrote it down for him. They just got bakc from Spain and the little girl's name is Rachel
I think we had a good time at the airport. I got to know more about Meteorology and about the Civil Defense.

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On my first post I wrote that we were going to have final exams. I passed the final exam (without any resits either) Alhamd'liAllah. Now we're taking the Airport Operations Management Course. We have already been given books for two subjects.



Airport Operations - Civil Aviation Authority - Airline Ground Operations

*Certificate and Diploma courses based on IATA and ICAO syllabi*

Introduction to the Airline industry
Airline Customer Service
Cultural Awareness in the Aviation industry
Introduction to Air Transport
Airport Operations
Airline Passenger Services
Air Safety Awareness
Aviation Security- Ground Services
Dangerous Goods Regulations- Initial
Introduction to Air Cargo
GDS Fares and Ticketing


Pass marks: Minimum: 70% or as published by IATA, whichever is the highest.

Certificate course students must pass at least five IATA examinations and all QAC examinations
Diploma course students must pass IATA Diploma in Aviation Studies and all QAC examinations

IATA examinations are held in Mar, Apr, Sept, and Oct.


for Travel & Tourism courses

for Cargo courses

for Dangerous Goods courses

for Aviation courses


It is the sought after diploma of the era. Degree holders with IATA diploma find it easier to get a prestigious job in airlines or airports or travel agencies. It is recognized by all national airlines of the countries around world. It is considered to be the eligibility criteria to get jobs in airlines, airports, travel agencies, tour-operating companies, cruise ships etc. It is the gateway to travel jobs. It is a diploma with international standard for which the syllabus is determined, examination is conducted and the diploma is awarded by ITDI (IATA Training Development Institute) in Montreal, Canada.

Introduction to the Airline Industry
How you will benefit
Know the history, current scale and scope of the airline industry.
Understand the specifics of airline business.
Gain knowledge about the multiple operational and business functions of airlines.
Describe the duties and responsibilities of key airline personnel.

Course content

History of the Airline Industry.
The Airline Industry Today.
Airline Organizational Structure and Personnel.
Airline Business Model.
Airline Safety and Security.
Airport Functions.
Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) Functions.
Airline Fleet.
Airline Manufacturers and Vendors.
Government and Industry Agencies.


IATA Global Distribution Systems Fares and Ticketing Course
How you will benefit
Acquire an excellent understanding of the mileage system pricing and know how to interpret and read all GDS displays relevant to mileage system pricing.
Know how to identify and price different journey types (including round-the-world journeys and journeys traveled in different classes).
Understand global indicators.
Understand fare rules and air fare taxes.
Be able to apply all minimum-fare rule checks.
Know how and when to use side trips.
Know how to add a manual fare to a GDS booking file.
Be able to use the IATA/UFTAA Fare Formula to correctly price a journey.
Know how to use a GDS to issue tickets for manually-priced reservations.
Know how to read each field of an ATB ticket.
Know how to use the Lowest Combination Factor.
Be able to construct and read a linear fare construction.

Course content
Study one of these three GDS systems: Amadeus, Galileo or Sabre.
Introduction to air fares, analyzing itineraries and retrieving fares from a GDS.
Introduction to the mileage system.
Practice pricing one way and circle trips.
Limitations on indirect travel, side trips and surface sectors.
Backhauls, circle trips, journeys in different classes of service and alternative fare break points.
Lowest combinations, round-the-world journeys, sales indicators and minimum checks.
Currency conversion, taxes and practice ticketing.
Lowest combinations, round-the-world journeys, sales indicators and minimum checks.
Currency conversion, taxes and practice ticketing.


Airline Customer Service
How you will benefit

Increasingly, attention to the customer is becoming the criterion by
which a company is judged. This course aims to give you the knowledge, skills and customer service attitude to
anticipate and respond to the problems which customers inevitably face.

Course Content

Better standard of customer service.
Communication skills.
Customer contact techniques.
Social styles and Tact: Cross-Cultural Awareness.
Dealing with complaints.
Managing stress.
New trends in Customer service.


IATA/FIATA Cargo Introductory Course
How you will benefit
Make appropriate arrangements and reservations for international air cargo shipments.

Calculate correct rates and charges for general cargo and special cargo (specific commodity and class rates) .

Complete Air Waybills in accordance with applicable IATA rules and procedures.

Course content
Industry regulations; ICAO -IATA – FIATA.
The air cargo agency; The IATA cargo agent -The consolidator.
World geography; IATA 3-letter codes -time differences -calculation of transportation times .
Use of Guides; the OAG Air Cargo Guide.
Aircraft; bulk loading limitations -Unit Load Devices (ULDs) Handling facilities; aircraft and cargo terminal facilities.
Air cargo acceptance .
Cargo booking procedures.
Cargo automation .
Air cargo rates and charges; application of TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff).
The Air Waybill; completion - labeling and marking.
Air cargo acceptance.
Cargo booking procedures.
Cargo automation.
Air cargo rates and charges; application of TACT (The Air Cargo Tariff) .
The Air Waybill; completion - labeling and marking.


IATA/FIATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Initial

How you will benefit
Apply the IATA Cargo Dangerous Goods Regulations correctly.
Understand the legal aspects and the responsibility of the shippers, agents and airlines involved in the transport of dangerous goods.
Identify and classify individual dangerous goods items.
Verify that the goods are properly packed, marked and labeled.
Fill in and check the "Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods“.
Complete Air Waybills in accordance with the applicable IATA rules and procedures.
Deliver dangerous goods shipments to the airlines "ready for carriage“.

Course content

Contents of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual.
Dangerous goods classes and divisions.
Packing requirements.
Marking and labeling.
Radioactive materials.
State and operator variations.
Checking procedures.
Excepted quantities.


Airline Passenger Services

How you will benefit

Apply IATA passenger and baggage handling standards.
Gain a practical working knowledge of all airport passenger service functions.
Better assist passengers in a professional and customer-focused manner.

Course content

First impressions.
OAG Airline Guide and IATA manuals.
Tickets and ticket acceptance.
Miscellaneous charges orders.
Credit cards.
Skills for giving passenger service.
Dangerous goods for passenger handling staff.
Boarding and arrival : Gate procedures and problems.
Special passenger handling procedures.
World tracer.
Delay handling.
Handling difficult situations.
Disruptive passengers: An introduction.


IATA Travel and Tourism Training Programme - Level 3: Stepping into Management
How you will benefit

Learn the essential principles and strategies of supervising and managing people.
Develop customized tours and gain a competitive advantage.
Learn how to plan, organize and administer meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.
Be capable of establishing procedures and control costs.
Understand the latest marketing trends and opportunities, and apply them in your planning.
Familiarize yourself with the challenges and opportunities of information technology and internet strategies.

Course content
Strategy and Management
-Managerial Skills 1
-Negotiation Skills

-Tour Packages – Special Interest Tours 3
-Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)

Support Services
-Administration and Accounting
-Marketing 1
-Technology in the Travel Industry 2


Family Assistance Training

How you will benefit

Learn how to establish a family assistance plan and program within your airline.
Learn how to recruit and allocate the internal staff so that your airline always has sufficient trained staff on standby.
Prepare your staff to meet both the emotional and logistical needs of families and affected passengers.
Gain an understanding of the equipment and ideal facilities required to ensure that your airline is well prepared.

Course content

What is a Family Assistance Program?
Organization and Internal Communication.
Emergency Centers.
Reservations Call Centre.
Family Support Centre.
The Airline’s Website.
The Role of Family Assistance.
Critical Incidence Response.
Self Care.
Media .
Code share.


Station / Ground Handling Management

How you will benefit

Understand the key principles of establishing/managing a ground handling company.
Understand the major ground handling concepts and principles.
Implement airside and airport safety and security measures.
Improve your ability to estimate and plan staff and equipment requirements.
Review and discuss how to negotiate and contract ground handling services.

Course content

Co-operation with Authorities at the Airport.
Duties of the Station Manager.
Catering Activities.
Handling Agreements & Services for other Airlines.
People Management.
Airline Security.
How to reduce Baggage Irregularities.
How to Calculate the Number of Staff and Equipment for a Specific Task.
Operations: Introduction.

ماشاء الله الكورس كبير و إن شاء الله انكون مجتهدين اول بأول. دعواتكم

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Wow, I haven't written in my blog for a long time. Well that's normal. I'm always like that. Anyways, after Eid was over Maha and I decided to go to Aspire park. She called some of her friends to come over but only one made it. The others didn't feel like coming because the day after they have to go to Uni and another one's parents didn't want her to go because they thought it was going to be crowded and that no one might drive her back home blah blah blah..
Maha was going to pick me up, so before she came I made some cupcakes. I actually
baked cupcakes and they turned out good and were edible. I got the recipe from here

While I was adding some of the ingredients I realized that there were no eggs! T^T I told my dad that I'm driving to the supermarket to buy some eggs. I let my younger brother come with me because err I don't know where the supermarket is lol. I bought some eggs but not the ones we usually buy but whatever. After baking the cute little things and letting them cool a bit I added different kinds of frosting on top of them. My sister bought for me lots of chocolates the
.day before so I can decorate the cupcakes

I wanted to put strawberries too because the frosting is strawberry XD. Somebody ate all of the strawberries so I put pomegranate instead. -.- It seems if some of the ingredients are missing/I forget them and am in a hurry the results of my cooking is not a disaster lol. *gasp* I used the word cooking. When Maha came to pick me up I was just finished making the last touches on the cupcakes. I'm so proud of myself lol. After Maha's crazy fast driving we arrived at Aspire. We found a great spot up on a hill. The weather was great, there was actually a cold breeze. We got out our weapons (our cameras lol) and started shooting every pretty thing we saw. We gobbled up some of the cupcakes, chips and drank some beverages. Maha's best friend Fatima dozed off and took a nap while we chatted away.

After that we went for a walk and more photos were shot. We saw some asian women taking photos of eachother so we asked them to take some photos of the three of us lol. I saw so many cute children running around but couldn't get good photos of them lol. We wanted to go to this new cafe that opened but my mom called me on the mobile for like three times and kept saying to not be late. We walked back to Maha's(well actually it's her dad's car) car and she dropped me off at home. We had a great time together. We're gonna do it again but with more friends around.

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Choose the mountain you want to climb
Don't be influenced by what other people say: 'that one's prettier' or 'that one looks easier'. You are going to put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into achieving your objective, and you are the only person responsible for your choice, so be quite sure about what you are doing.
Find out how to reach the mountain
Often you can see the mountain in the distance - beautiful, interesting, full of challenges. However, when you try to reach it, what happens? It's surrounded by roads; forests lie between you and your objective; and what seems clear on the map is far more complicated in reality. So you must try all the paths and tracks until, one day, you find yourself before the peak you intend to climb.
Learn from someone who has been there before
However unique you may think you are, there is always someone who has had the same dream before, and who will have left signs behind that will make the climb less arduous: the best place to attach a rope, trodden paths, branches broken off to make it easier to pass. It is your climb and it is your responsibility too, but never forget that other people's experiences are always helpful.
Dangers, seen from close to, are controllable
When you start to climb the mountain of your dreams, pay attention to what is around you. There are, of course, precipices. There are almost imperceptible cracks. There are stones polished so smooth by rain and wind that they have become as slippery as ice. But if you know where you are putting your foot, you will see any traps and be able to avoid them.
The landscape changes, so make the most of it
You must, naturally, always keep in mind your objective - reaching the top. However, as you climb, the view changes, and there is nothing wrong with stopping now and then to enjoy the vista. With each metre you climb, you can see a little further, so take time to discover things you have never noticed before.
Respect your body
You will only manage to climb a mountain if you give your body the care it deserves. You have all the time that life gives you, so do not demand too much from your body. If you walk too quickly, you will grow tired and give up halfway. If you walk too slowly, night might fall and you will get lost. Enjoy the landscape, drink the cool spring water, and eat the fruit that Nature so generously offers you, but keep walking.
Respect your soul
Don't keep repeating, 'I'm going to do it.' Your soul knows this already. What it needs to do is to use this long walk in order to grow, to reach out as far as the horizon, to touch the sky. Obsession will not help you in the search for your goal, and will end up spoiling the pleasure of the climb. On the other hand, don't keep repeating 'It's harder than I thought,' because that will sap your inner strength.
Be prepared to go the extra mile
The distance to the top of the mountain is always greater than you think. There is bound to come a moment when what seemed close is still very far away. But since you are prepared to go still further, this should not be a problem.
Be joyful when you reach the top
Cry, clap your hands, shout out loud that you made it; let the wind (because it is always windy up there) purify your mind, cool your hot, weary feet, open your eyes, blow the dust out of your heart. What was once only a dream, a distant vision, is now part of your life. You made it, and that is good.
Make a promise
Now that you have discovered a strength you did not even know you had, tell yourself that you will use it for the rest of your days; promise yourself, too, to discover another mountain and set off on a new adventure.
Tell your story
Yes, tell your story. Be an example to others. Tell everyone that it's possible, and then others will find the courage to climb their own mountains.

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This is not my first time blogging. I actually have other blogs on other sites (wordpress & xanga). I think this blog would be more personal and organized. Hoepfully this site is faster and more easier to use.
:Continuing on from here
I finished my internship program on Feb 26 Thurs. The staff had a farewell party for me. It was a big surprise for me. I didn't really expect it.. Oh my god I was so embarrassed, John told me that there would be some important meeting for my last day and that I had to be prepared for some questions. I was so nervous , I went into the conference room and gasped. "Say something." I couldn't because I was going to cry

I learned so much from this experience. I'm proud of my achievements and I'm going to miss working with adults because I have to deal with immature students at college T^T As long as I don't let them get to me I'll be alright because I'm a SURVIVOR I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna stop, I'm gonna work harder, I'm gonna make it, I will survive and keep on surviving!!! XD *Okay I'll snap back lol* That's my mentor, John, in the picture. He wanted me to cut a big piece for him lol. I'm still in touch with some of the employees, I'd like to visit the office sometime.

I started college on March 1st Sunday. I submitted copies of all work done at Qatar Airways to Mr. Edwin Eboy. I have 4 subjects to take in the foundation year for the course: English for Airport Operations with Miss Danielle (Dani), Aviation English with Mr. Len, Math with Mr. Alex and IT with Miss Dheepa. We are 15 students in the class; 9 females and 6 males. So far I'm doing good with my studies but I need to improve in math T^T

We have only 5 weeks and 3 days left until the final exams.

!Wish me luck