الأربعاء، 4 مارس 2009


This is not my first time blogging. I actually have other blogs on other sites (wordpress & xanga). I think this blog would be more personal and organized. Hoepfully this site is faster and more easier to use.
:Continuing on from here
I finished my internship program on Feb 26 Thurs. The staff had a farewell party for me. It was a big surprise for me. I didn't really expect it.. Oh my god I was so embarrassed, John told me that there would be some important meeting for my last day and that I had to be prepared for some questions. I was so nervous , I went into the conference room and gasped. "Say something." I couldn't because I was going to cry

I learned so much from this experience. I'm proud of my achievements and I'm going to miss working with adults because I have to deal with immature students at college T^T As long as I don't let them get to me I'll be alright because I'm a SURVIVOR I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna stop, I'm gonna work harder, I'm gonna make it, I will survive and keep on surviving!!! XD *Okay I'll snap back lol* That's my mentor, John, in the picture. He wanted me to cut a big piece for him lol. I'm still in touch with some of the employees, I'd like to visit the office sometime.

I started college on March 1st Sunday. I submitted copies of all work done at Qatar Airways to Mr. Edwin Eboy. I have 4 subjects to take in the foundation year for the course: English for Airport Operations with Miss Danielle (Dani), Aviation English with Mr. Len, Math with Mr. Alex and IT with Miss Dheepa. We are 15 students in the class; 9 females and 6 males. So far I'm doing good with my studies but I need to improve in math T^T

We have only 5 weeks and 3 days left until the final exams.

!Wish me luck