الأربعاء، 30 سبتمبر 2009


Wow, I haven't written in my blog for a long time. Well that's normal. I'm always like that. Anyways, after Eid was over Maha and I decided to go to Aspire park. She called some of her friends to come over but only one made it. The others didn't feel like coming because the day after they have to go to Uni and another one's parents didn't want her to go because they thought it was going to be crowded and that no one might drive her back home blah blah blah..
Maha was going to pick me up, so before she came I made some cupcakes. I actually
baked cupcakes and they turned out good and were edible. I got the recipe from here

While I was adding some of the ingredients I realized that there were no eggs! T^T I told my dad that I'm driving to the supermarket to buy some eggs. I let my younger brother come with me because err I don't know where the supermarket is lol. I bought some eggs but not the ones we usually buy but whatever. After baking the cute little things and letting them cool a bit I added different kinds of frosting on top of them. My sister bought for me lots of chocolates the
.day before so I can decorate the cupcakes

I wanted to put strawberries too because the frosting is strawberry XD. Somebody ate all of the strawberries so I put pomegranate instead. -.- It seems if some of the ingredients are missing/I forget them and am in a hurry the results of my cooking is not a disaster lol. *gasp* I used the word cooking. When Maha came to pick me up I was just finished making the last touches on the cupcakes. I'm so proud of myself lol. After Maha's crazy fast driving we arrived at Aspire. We found a great spot up on a hill. The weather was great, there was actually a cold breeze. We got out our weapons (our cameras lol) and started shooting every pretty thing we saw. We gobbled up some of the cupcakes, chips and drank some beverages. Maha's best friend Fatima dozed off and took a nap while we chatted away.

After that we went for a walk and more photos were shot. We saw some asian women taking photos of eachother so we asked them to take some photos of the three of us lol. I saw so many cute children running around but couldn't get good photos of them lol. We wanted to go to this new cafe that opened but my mom called me on the mobile for like three times and kept saying to not be late. We walked back to Maha's(well actually it's her dad's car) car and she dropped me off at home. We had a great time together. We're gonna do it again but with more friends around.

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